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Here at Family Vision, we know you have a choice of optometry clinics -- and we want to be that choice. That's why our optometrists in Anderson, Williamston, and Clemson, SC offers such a wide range of optometry services for young and old alike. Our services, tests and techniques include:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Take a huge and critical first step toward a lifetime of healthy eyes with our comprehensive eye exams. We examine every part of the eye, check your vision, and evaluate your eye function so any issues can be treated as early as possible.

Senior Eye Care

Seniors need regular exams and other eye care to protect their vision against common age-related disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts. We can provide senior eye care exams and ongoing vision correction or other treatment recommendations as needed.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, but you don't have to surrender your eyesight to it. We can use tonometry, OCT scans of the optic nerve and other testing methods to catch glaucoma early and manage it through medication.

InfantSEE Program

Family Vision is proud to participate in the AOA's InfantSEE Program. We offer no-cost eye exams for infants ages 6 to 12 months, so bring your newest family member to us to launch a lifetime of optimal eyesight.

Contact Lens Evaluation

Your contact lens prescription is very important to us. You’ll want to start with a contact lens evaluation.  We will evaluate your ocular health, lifestyle, and vision prescription while measuring your eyes to ensure that you get the most suitable contacts for your needs.

High Fashion Eyewear

Family Vision is your source for high fashion eyewear. Whether you seek everyday eyeglasses or stylish, UV-blocking prescription sunglasses, we can equip you with the right combination of state-of-the-art lenses, advanced lens coatings, and designer frames that express your personality.

Sports Vision Testing

Athletes demand more from their bodies -- and their eyesight -- than the general public. Athletic performance hinges on your visual acuity. Check out the sports vision testing offered at Family Vision. We can run sophisticated tests to uncover even the subtlest deviations from perfect vision. We can then prescribe exercises, eyewear, or other methods for boosting your vision to championship level.

Free LASIK Screening

Are you a good candidate for LASIK? Our optometry team can tell you. Stop by for a free LASIK screening to see whether you can benefit from this form of permanent vision correction surgery.

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