Comprehensive Eye Exams

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease:
Seasonal Allergies, Pink Eye, Cataracts, Eye Infections, Amblyopia, Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, etc

Computer Vision Syndrome:
Task specific prescriptions and lenses to eliminate eye fatigue/strain and improve efficiency

Infantsee- Free Evaluation of Babies: 
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Low Vision Rehabilitation:
Comprehensive Low Vision evaluations
Aids use and training including magnifiers, CCTVs, filters, templates, etc
Training for orientation, mobility, and use of low vision devices

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management:
Side vision testing with latest Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer
Nerve Fiber Analysis with the OCT or Zeiss GDx for early detection
Pachymetry used to measure corneal thickness

Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment: Complete history, OSDI survey, tear osmolarity testing with the Tear Lab, Xiidra, Restasis, punctal plugs, Nutriceuticals (nutritional supplements), and lifestyle modification, etc.

We Offer the Newest Advancements in Technology

OCT Optical Coherence Tomography: scanning laser that measures the layers of the retina for diagnosis of retinal and macular disease as well as early glaucoma detection

Nidek Digital Retinal Imaging System: digital photography of the internal structures of the eye

iCare Tonometer: accurately measures eye pressure without the annoying air puff

Ultrasound Pachymeter: measures corneal thickness for LASIK patients, glaucoma suspects, etc.

Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer: to measure quality of peripheral (side) vision

GDx VCC: (Williamston) scanning laser / retinal nerve fiber analyzer: used in glaucoma diagnosis

Tear Lab: measures tear film osmolarity for diagnosis of dry eye syndrome and monitor efficacy of treatment

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